About Top Country Music Videos

TopCountryMusicVideos.com was originally established in late September, 2009 and began posting country music videos at that time and providing research, comments and an archive about the artists and videos themselves.

One of the reasons I started this website is because music is such a wonderful part of many of our lives, including my own. Music is an expression of all of the different things each of us go through in our lives. In many cases, even though we may feel alone at times, we can hear our own personal experiences in specific music and realize others have gone through the same things. Music can express happiness, sadness, love, hate, humor, fun, excitement, violence and just about any other emotion you can think of.

The goal of TopCountryMusicVideos.com is to provide a place to help spread awareness of the wonderful music artists produce to a wide audience, provide and allow commentary about the videos and develop a long term archive. By doing so, we hope to expose you to, and to let you experience music that you may not have known about otherwise, and if you enjoy the music, we hope you will support the artists by purchasing their music.

Thank you for visiting, frequenting, linking to, commenting and passing along our website to your family and friends. We really do appreciate all of you and will hopefully be here and work to provide an enjoyable experience for you on the site for years to come.

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