ACM – 2011 Girls’ Night Out: Superstar Women of Country – The Concert of the Year – Airing on GAC TV

ACM 2011 Girls Night Out ConcertThe ACM 2011 Girls Night Out: Superstar Women of Country – The Concert of the Year originally aired on television April 22, 2011 and was one of our most popular posts over the last few years.

Many site visitors asked if a DVD would become available or if the show would air again in the future because they either 1) loved it so much and wanted to watch it again or 2) missed the show, but heard how great it was, or watched some of our videos below and saw for themselves.

Good news is here, the show will be airing on GAC TV 5 separate times during November, 2012 beginning November 3, at 9:00 p.m. ET, followed by: November 4, 2012 at 1:00 a.m. ET and 6:00 p.m. ET, and then again on November 21, 201 at 8:00 p.m. ET and finally on November 22, 2012 at 12:00 a.m. ET. Here is the link to the episode information and updated schedule on GAC: 2011 ACM Girls Night Out on GAC TV

The following is from our original post back in April, 2011:

The 2011 ACM Girls Night Out: Superstar Women of Country – The Concert of the Year was aired at 9:00 p.m. (EST) on April 22, 2011. The show took place during the Academy of Country Music Awards long weekend on Monday April 4, 2011 in Las Vegas.

The concert took place to honor superstars such as: The Judds, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Reba, Loretta Lynn, Martina McBride and Jennifer Nettles.

I’ve posted several videos from the event to watch in case you missed the show or would like to watch them again:

ACM Girls Night Out Info



  2. Same question regarding the availability of a DVD or video for sale? I missed the first 3/4 of the program and loved what I saw!

  3. I missed the first part of the show, but loved the last hour. I would love to have a Video..DVD of this program. It was incredible!

  4. I also am looking for a DVD of the TV show Girls Night Out. How will I know if someone has this info? Thanks for your help.

    • I will add a new post with any info I come across about a DVD of the event that becomes available. If you’d like, I can email you also but you’d have to let me know whether I can do that or not in another comment because I don’t want to just start contacting people with their private email addresses without permission.

      • Please email me with information regarding DVD.

      • Missed a portion of the show when the electric went out. This show was incredible. Please email me if DVD becomes available or when the show will re-air.

      • Could you tell me if there is a re- air date for ACM Girls Night Out yet? Or if it has or will be coming out on DVD? Thanks, Lori

        • I have not heard a set re-air date as of yet for the show. GAC will probably be the one to show the re-airing of the event but I searched their schedule and couldn’t find any set date yet.

      • yes please I would love this on DVD but i live in UK…., cant find it

  5. JULIE M. says:



  6. I too would like to know of a dvd as my sweet mother-in-law would love it. Thinking it would be a great mothers day present!!!

  7. add me to the list. I’d love a dvd.

  8. DITTO! Please make a dvd!

  9. I hope that there will be a way to get this show on DVD. Will there be releases on ITunes? Please someone, let us know. Thank you!

  10. I would LOVE a cd of all the performances, they were amazing. Does anyone know where you can get one?

  11. Can they put this on itunes???????or a DVD??????????

  12. I also would love to have a dvd of the show, I only saw part of it and loved it!

  13. I was so up set I missed the girls night out I would love a cd or video please let me know where or if i can get one thankyou

  14. So far what I’ve heard is that GAC will be re-airing the show again in the future (with no date yet). So as of right now, there are no plans to issue a DVD, at least until after the show is re-aired on television.

  15. is there going to be music cd ‘ s to buy ? please let me know win and were thank’s

  16. I also would like to be emailed with information on the availability of a DVD of ACM Girls Night Out on 4/22/2011.

  17. Please email me information regarding re-airing on GAC or any other publications that become available for Girl’s Night Out.

  18. I also would like info on a DVD or rearing of girls night out

  19. Lisa Quick says:

    I would love a CD and to know when it will re-air

  20. Would love to be e-mailed about a DVD. The Acadamy Awards could take a
    lesson from this presentation. It moved fast and was very enjoyable it is
    what the people want. You can tell from the comments.

  21. I laughed, I cried, I loved it all!!! And I danced to most of it. =) If you are sending info to individuals when and if a cd/dvd comes out please add me to your list.
    I can’t praise this show enough. Everything about it was great.

  22. I would love a DVD of this also. Thanks. Carrie Underwood’s How Great Thou Art brought me to tears.

  23. Was recording this and the electricity went out for 10 minutes and missed all of Miranda Lambert and Blake. Please add me to the email list if it becomes available on DVD or date it will be re-airing. Thanks.

  24. I, too, would like a DVD and the next airing date. Please keep me on the list, as well. Loved the show.

  25. This would be a fantastic DVD to have .. please advise when and if there is one available! Thank you!

  26. I would love to get a DVD on this wonderful music, I missed the program and just saw some clips and Carrie Underwood with Vince Gill and It brought tears to my eyes. Please let me know if they will air it again. Please Please Please even a cd would be nice.

  27. Please notify me when the DVD comes available!

  28. I would love a DVD too. I had “DVRed” it and then lost it when my DVR broke. I have watched it over and over and want to keep watching it. Please let me know when it will air again or when a DVD will be available!!!!! This is the best show ever! Thank you.

  29. Please notify me when the DVD becomes available as well – Thank you!

  30. PLEASE notify me when a DVD is available!!!!!

  31. Is there a DVD or CD out yet of the Academy of Country Music’s Girls’ Night Out: Superstar Women of Country? Has there been any information regarding re-airing on GAC? Please let me know. I have only seen a few video clips on u-tube.

  32. Please please if anyone knows of a DVD of this my 85 year old father would love this for christmas…

  33. Would LOVE this show on DVD as well. I just bought “How Great Thou Art” Gospel Favorites from the Grand Ole Opry just to get the one song on CD for my mom but would love to have the whole show. The CD is great but it doesn’t capture the energy of the song the way she did with Vince Gill….amazing!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Could someone please relay a message that there needs to be a DVD made from this show. Too many people demand it! Email me

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