Alan Jackson & Alison Krauss Video – The Angels Cried

Alan Jackson - The Angels CriedThe Angels Cried by Alan Jackson and featuring Alison Krauss, is from his Christmas album titled Honky Tonk Christmas, which he released back in October, 1993.

The album was Alan Jackson’s first Christmas themed album that he released just a few short years after his debut album in 1989.

I’ll be featuring several Christmas themed country music videos for the next several weeks and this one joins Elvis Presley – Blue Christmas Featuring Martina McBride and Faith Hill – Joy To The World, which I added recently.


  1. Alan Jackson, Allison Kraus,

    Today, I needed to hear music. Our family is going through a HARD time. Cancer. Knocked on my brother & his son in laws door.

    Abe lost his battle, left a 4yr. daughter. She does NOT understand!!

    She & her Mom came home, from errands. SHE bounded up to that front door, “Where’s Daddy?? I WANT MY DADDY!!”. Meantime, running through the house, LOOKING. Then her heart BROKE into pieces, crying & couldn’t stop. He’s been gone for 2 months now.

    My brother’s cancer is incurable. Can be “managed”. That is his grand-daughter, hurting. She made a COWBOY cry, never wanted my brother hear me cry, over all of this.

    I hung up on him, I couldn’t speak. Best I could do was say, I’ve got to go….. Broke down BAWLING like a baby.

    This song spoke to my heart. Keep singing us home.


  2. your story made me cry as well I hope you and yours the best and that god may shine down on you and your family in your time of need may he soften your young ones hart so she will in time understand these time of hardship may god grant the wisdom in understanding god bless take care

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