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Anne Murray YouTube VideosA collection of Anne Murray YouTube videos spanning her spectacular, industry changing career over the last 40 years.

Anne became the 1st Canadian female solo singer to receive and “American Gold Record” award (for her early hit Songbird), the 1st Canadian female solo singer to reach #1 on the U.S. charts, 1st female and 1st Canadian to win a CMA Award for Album of the Year, and many other breakthrough accomplishments.

In October, 2009 Anne released her Autobiography titled All Of Me. For more information about Anne and her career, check out her official website here:


  1. I would love to get married…but Anne, Ms. Anne Murray must play at the wedding as we walk out and more. I know if it cost too much that would be impossible. Every single song we relate to. There a are three that really are something that makes tears to our eyes. I have been with him for 8 years. It would blow everyone’s mind if this were to happen. I know this is impossible but it is a dream. Dreams can come true at times! Just being me and I’ve never done this before. Whoever gets this, I hope that you can pass it on to her if only just a compliment. I realize this may be asking way too much but I would love to impress the few people we know that do not believe in us. If you want you can friend me on Facebook and we have pictures there. Please let me know where you heard from me.

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