Big and Rich Video – 8th of November

Big and Rich - 8th of November8th of November from Big & Rich, and narrated by Kris Kristofferson at the beginning, is from their album titled Comin’ to Your City which was released in November, 2005. The video is also included on our Memorial Day tribute country music videos list.

Be sure to listen to the words narrated by Kris Kristofferson at the beginning of the video, or follow along below, to help understand it.

Hello, I’m Kris Kristofferson
On November 8th, 1965, the 173rd Airborne Brigade on Operation Hump, War Zone D in Vietnam
were ambushed by over 1200 V.C.
Forty-eight American soldiers lost their lives
Severely wounded and riskin’ his own life, Lawrence Joll, a medic
Was the first livin’ black man since the Spanish-American War
To receive the United States Medal of Honor
For savin’ so many lives in the midst of battle that day
Our friend, Nialls Harris, retired 25 years, United States Army
The guy who gave Big Kenny his top hat
Was one of the wounded who lived
This song is his story
Caught in the action of Kill or Be Killed
Greater love hath no man, than to lay down his life for his brother…


  1. Jim Hutchens says:

    Where can I purchase “8th of November” in video or CD?

  2. TCMV Staff says:

    Hi Jim,

    I added three separate links to different versions. One of the links is for the digital download for the studio album (the one on the left), the center link is for a CD and Live DVD performance, and the link on the right is for the actual CD of the studio album.

  3. Damm moving clip, leaves you speechless. When Kris Kristofferson wrote “Caught in the action of Kill or Be Killed” “Greater love hath no man, than to lay down his life for his brother” he spoke what can never be be put into words.

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