Billy Currington Video – Walk a Little Straighter

Billy Currington - Walk a Little StraighterBilly Currington performing Walk a Little Straighter is today’s YouTube addition to Top Country Music Videos.

Walk a Little Straighter is from Billy Currington’s self-titled debut album which was released in September, 2003.

It was his debut single, and became his first Top 10 hit. As you may guess from the song’s title, it depicts a story about alcoholism.


  1. Brandon Hylton says:

    This song makes me cry so much because it hits a soft point for me. I grew up without a dad so most of you that are reading this are probably wondering why this song affects me so well i will tell you why it affects me so. This song hurts because later on in my life after being adopted I got a step dad who was and still is a drunk and his kids look at him and do the same thing Currington is talking about they trip and stumble because they see dad doing it and they think that means it is okay to do it but to me that doesn’t mean anything because i try to act as their father figure and fix them but it isn’t as easy as i originally thought it would be. But i love the song it is my all time favorite song.

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