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Carrie Underwood YouTube VideosHere’s our Carrie Underwood YouTube Videos that will be updated on a regular basis. You’ll find all types of Carrie Underwood videos here including studio, live and even fans submitting their own cover versions.

In addition to the Carrie Underwood YouTube Videos you’ll find below, we are building a resource of Studio and Live Country Music Videos from other sites as well. You can use our Search box to search for any videos and information we have related to your favorite Country Music Artist.


  1. Dear Carrie, I was listening to temporary home.and started to cry and i could not stop for you see i was a 9 year old boy who had his mother die in in his arms …. A nd i knew then this is my temporary home. tony

  2. you are the best singer on earth,by the way how many fans do you have

  3. I enjoy your music,you have very strong voice,you put your all in your songs,strength and heart which is a rare gift…thankyou,congrats on your success and your personal,you deserve as you are true and real,your awesome!

  4. Anonymous says:

    she is a good singer.

  5. your amazing. I love the songs before he cheats and blown away

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