Cody McCarver Video – I’m America

Cody McCarver - I'm AmericaCody McCarver performing I’m America, is today’s YouTube addition to Top Country Music Videos.

The music video for I’m America was released recently in late June, 2010 and is a new single from Cody McCarver.

I couldn’t find any scheduled release date for an upcoming album but this single sets him off to a great start.


  1. Great song and great video! Cody has hit a HOME RUN with this one!!

  2. Tanya Rust says:

    This song has a great message and Cody has delivered it very well. I believe I will listen to this song forever. Dunlap also makes a great background for the video, but I am kinda partial!

  3. Joan Arsola says:

    Fantastic song!!!!! Why isn’t it on our country music channels? This song and artist needs to get recognized for the talent and message they provide!! Thank you for this song and please keep up the great work! I am definitely a new fan of Cody McCarvers!

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