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Collin Raye YouTube VideosThis page contains Collin Raye YouTube Videos that will be updated on a regular basis. You’ll find all types of videos here including studio videos, live performance videos, fan submitted videos and even fans submitting their own cover versions.

In addition to the Collin Raye YouTube Videos you’ll find below, we are building a resource of Studio and Live Country Music Videos by Collin Raye from other sites as well. You can use our Search box to search for any videos and information we have related to your favorite Country Music Artist.


  1. Glenda Joven says:

    i loved collin raye’s music just as i love country music.

  2. munchkin29 says:

    His song Little Rock means a lot to me. It took losing my family to see that I had a problem. Now that I’m better I get to see my kids. Without my kids I’m not me.

  3. babbles 631 says:

    I have always loved Collin ayes music but it wasn’t until after my husband and I seen him in concert that I realized just how much. He sang a new song that wasn’t on any of his albums but he wanted to get the opinions of his fans and they loved it. I just love him.

  4. theresa walsh says:

    Loved colin for years would have loved to have seen him when came to England las lost a child at10 same problems always wanted to know how he coped at times and keep Faith just played somewhat I need helped understand and give me some hope also with Conan illness big thanks colin you are the gift God bless you theresa from swansea in wales england

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