Craig Morgan Video – This Ain’t Nothin’

Craig Morgan - This Ain't Nothin'Craig Morgan performing his hit single This Ain’t Nothin’ is today’s YouTube video added to Top Country Music Videos.

This Ain’t Nothin’ is from his album titled That’s Why, which was originally released in October, 2008. This Ain’t Nothin’ wasn’t on the original album release, but later, a re-issue was released of the album in May, 2009 in which the song was included.

The single has been on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart now for 14 weeks and was most recently in the number 29 position, and slowly moving higher.


  1. A simple but powerful message we all get things out of priority until reality sets it right again. Life is important things are meant to fade away and be replaced with other things,a life that slip away hurts and the hole is never filled….

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