Eric Church Video – Homeboy

Eric Church Video - HomeboyEric Church performing Homeboy is today’s YouTube addition to Top Country Music Videos.

Homeboy is a single from Eric’s upcoming album titled Chief which is scheduled to be released on July 26, 2011. This will be his third studio album released since his debut in 2006.

The video was recently released in May 2011 and at last check, was the second most popular/viewed country music video over at

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  1. I swear to god, that song has to be written about our family and whats going on now. My youngest son (who is a BIG Eric Church fan) was picked up the first part of May (prob. violation) and is now serving 12 mo. (min) in a “regional correctional facility” for drugs. My older son has put off going off (out of state) on a const. job just to stay close to home with all this going on and been working hay on his uncles farm. We’ve all tried to keep him out of trouble by keeping him busy on the farm, talked till we were blue in the face………..but, of course, it did no good. I know this video hits home with so many folks but the timing was really ironic. When I watch the video, the end makes me still have a little hope, since the boy is getting on the bus home at the end………..Sometimes hope is all we have.

    Thanks for that.

  2. awesome video… but cop has no sunglasses on when he pushes “homeboy” against fence, then next shot they are on his face… continuity shots!

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