Father’s Day Country Music Videos and Songs

Father's Day Country Music VideosWith Father’s Day closing in upon us, here’s our ever-growing list of viewer favorite and submitted Father’s Day Country Music Videos.

If there are any you would like me to include that aren’t on the list yet, let me know using the comment form below and I’ll do my best to find a video and add it to the list.


  1. Gary Allen – Tough Little Boys
    Trent Tomlinson – One Wing In The Fire
    George Strait – A Love Without End, Amen
    Brad Paisley – Anything Like Me
    Brad Paisley – He Didn’t Have To Be
    Heartland – I Loved Her First
    Holly Dunn – Daddy’s Hands
    Kenny Chesney – There Goes My Life
    Lonestar – I’m Already There
    Rodney Atkins – Just Cleaning My Gun

    • Thanks Bruce. (Thanks a lot! You really want to put me to work). Luckily, I had 5 of the videos already posted on the site so I’ve added links to them in the post above. 5 more to go!

  2. ‘course there’s always, Rodney Atkins – Watching You and Jimmy Wayne – I Love You This Much …and hows ’bout the King, Elvis Presley – Don’t Cry Daddy…ok…back to work…

    • ….I had Rodney Atkins – Watching You on the list since I added the video a few days ago. The others I’ll be working on….. I was out most of the day yesterday.

      Happy Father’s Day.

  3. Rory Feek (Rory and Joey) – My Old Man….awesome

  4. Today during the Church service, the speaker emphasized on those people who have lost their fathers through Death or Divorce. After the message I remembered a song by Mallory Hope called ‘Love lives on’. Hope you can include it too :)

    And thanks for such a great list to Bruce :) You really do know your music :D

  5. This is great stuff! Wish we could buy it on a cd all compiled together to listen to driving with our families….

  6. Hey Larry,

    One more for the road (I know Father’s Day is over) but it’s a pretty recent song by Craig Campbell – Family Man. He emphasizes a lot on what keeps him going on as a Dad in this song. The video’s out in YouTube too.

    Take care

  7. how about Stealin Cinderella by Chuck Wicks?

  8. Katherine says:

    I like the list but I really think Keith Urbans Song For Dad should be on the list..Thank You!!

    • I took a look for the video for “Song for Dad” by Keith Urban, and could not find a video to post… I’ll add the song to the list anyway. Thanks for mentioning it:-)

  9. Here’s a late entry –

    Naleigh Moon by Josh Kelly. Really beautiful number.

    And “Little moments” by Brad Paisley for a more fun way of looking at being a Dad :)

    • Thanks (again) Borve! Here’s a link to Josh Kelley’s Naleigh Moon video we added a while back. I’ll do some research on “Little Moments” and see if I can find a good video for that also.

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