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George Strait YouTube VideosBelow you’ll find our gallery of George Strait YouTube videos including 12 of his country music videos on this page followed by 48 more of his videos on the pages linked by the navigation buttons below the thumbnail video images.

George released his first studio album titled Strait Country back in September of 1981 and has released 25 more studio albums since then over the last 30 years. Out of those, 23 albums were certified Platinum or multi-Platinum (1,000,000 or more copies sold), 2 were certified Gold (500,000 or more copies) and his 2011 album titled Here For a Good Time was just recently released in September, 2011 so it’s too early to tell how it does in comparison.

Of these 26 studio albums, 20 reached #1 on the charts. It’s no wonder George Strait is known to be referred to as the King of Country. You can find individual videos by George that we’ve posted over the years here: George Strait Country Music Videos.


  1. redsleeves says:

    Cool video

  2. Michelle Byrnes says:


  3. Jean Miller says:

    I first saw you when you were the opening act for Alabama then Naomi and Wynona came out. This was at Cobo Hall way back in the late 80’s. I was there to see Alabama on hospital pass, and please do not think I am crazy but I fell in love with you from the first time you opened your mouth. I still love Alabama even thought they no longer are together but I almost have all your songs and all I am wishing for is that you keep making the wonderful songs tat you do and I can keep hearing that wonderful voice.

    Thank You George and Family

    Jean Miller
    Windsor, Ontario, Canada

  4. shana rodriguez says:

    u rock..king of country music..

  5. Glenda Joven says:

    i just love country, really….

  6. elayna ainsworth says:

    gorage strait rode beside my dad i love the song check yes or no

  7. I just love George Straight, he can sing anything at all, he is just the greatest performer.

  8. Stephen says:

    I like your songs man because your the first person who I was able to access his songs in a short time of browsing. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  9. You are the first country music I heard when I came to the U.S. And still listing to LOVED YOUR MUSIC!!!!

  10. ur the all time greatest George keep up the good work

  11. old school nice

  12. Anonymous says:

    Your are truly the king of country, we love you George…….keep on singing….thank you and your family….frank and Judy

  13. Rita Swann says:

    Good looking and the best country singer of all.

  14. George is what country is all about have enjoyed his music ever since I first heard him sing

  15. says:

    You are no doubt the Greatest ever to be seen or heard ! And you are the most Handsome Man I’ve ever layed my eyes on ! You are Always right on top of it All ! Thank You George for being everything you are And you Never let down your Fans ! What an Awsome King of Contry music .

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