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  1. This is the greatest song ever

  2. bring back Hank Williams Jr and the greatest anthem ever written !!

  3. Mr. williams shoud sue those a holes at fox (check the daily show for a creditibility rating of these idiots. by jon stuart) for slander. Mr. williams did not call obama hitler, he was comparing hitler playing golf with netanyahoe? the same as you woud compare bugs bunny playing golf with elmer fudd, the road runner playing golf with wile E, (for you so called journalists/liars out there, he’s a coyote who is always trying to catch the roadrunner for a meal). It’s like yosemity sam playing golf with those “damn yankees.” Its like sylvester playing golf with tweety bird. Its like an honest person playing golf with one of you journalist. Hank has a working person’s outlet on life and comparing these mortal enemies is a normal way of explaining himself.

  4. Mary Terhune says:

    His Music is so great I cant Imagine him ruining his Career for some thing stupid.. Personally think he has too much class for that. Good Luck. Listened to UR Dad as a little girl.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Still killer

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