Joe Exotic Video – I Saw a Tiger

I Saw a TigerToday’s featured addition to Top Country Music Videos is another original from country music artist Joe Exotic, titled I Saw a Tiger.

Joe released this video in part of his efforts to protect and save tigers from Chinese poaching and tiger farming. With his own Oklahoma zoo and sanctuary protecting nearly 180 tigers, Joe can officially call himself The Tiger King.

This single puts The Tiger King on the country music stage and will be part of a double deal seeing the release of his debut record and cable reality show in early 2014.

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The Sun Says


  1. Dawn 'Femin3m' Ventura (ACE) says:

    That was cool Joe. Cats at look beautiful, damn I miss it. Out of all the times I heard you talk, I would have never guessed youd got that low tone in ya… Songs sound nice tho, meaningful, &true. Thats awesome!

  2. Kimberly Sparks says:

    I Love the Tiger, and I Love the Man.Great Tune, sad Story. If the Lyrics cut like a knife, its because they are MEANT TO. Way to go AGAIN, Joe!! <3

  3. Joe’s voice is incredible! And the message in his music is the cherry on top. Everyone needs to hear this!!!!

  4. Carol Kelly Gallego says:


  5. Very sweet video. I love joes voice.

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