John Rich Video – Country Done Come To Town

John Rich - Country Done Come To TownJohn Rich performing Country Done Come To Town is today’s addition to Top Country Music Videos.

Country Done Come To Town is a single from Rich Rocks, and upcoming scheduled to be released EP.

The music video shows how Country Folks can fit in and party in the city just as anyone else, if not better and includes appearances from Sebastien Bach, Ted Nugent, Gretchen Wilson, Cowboy Troy, George Jones, Big Vinny of Trailer Choir and Two-Foot Fred.


  1. hi,
    why don’t you aloow to download?


    • Because I don’t own the videos. If you want to download a video for some reason, it’s best to check on iTunes and purchase it so that the artist who owns the video and music, gets paid properly for their time and effort.

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