Josh Turner Video – Why Don’t We Just Dance – Opry Mills Mall

Josh Turner - Why Don't We Just DanceI was browsing the internet this morning and came across this Josh Turner – Why Don’t We Just Dance video on Yahoo! Music which is live from the Opry Mills Mall in Tennessee.

The original music video for Why Don’t We Just Dance is here:, and is a great video to watch and listen to.

I don’t know if this video below was planned or not, but the song fits perfectly into the theme of playing a song at random in a Mall, trying to get people to join in. Check it out, and the next time you’re having a party and no one is dancing, play this song to help them get moving.


  1. Sandi T. says:

    I accidentally discovered this YouTube video of “Why Don’t We Just Dance”. I love this song and Josh Turner’s voice! The video from Opry Mills Mall is priceless! The crowd is defintely enjoying themselves!

  2. I just love this video and Josh Turner is soooo HOT!!! and the mall dancers really got it going on

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