Julianne Hough – Is That So Wrong Video

Julianne Video Hough - Is That So WrongJulianne Hough’s video for her song Is That So Wrong has stirred up quite a commotion today across the internet.

I originally posted the video when it was released back on July 25, 2010 here: Julianne Hough Video – Is That So Wrong and it has since been removed by somebody (not me).

According to a recent article in the Washington Post about Julianne and a recent performance of hers:

“This next song – funny story,” she said by way of introducing her new single, “Is That So Wrong,” in the middle of her 30-minute set at Cancun Cantina in Hanover. “I shot a music video for it . . . and [Country Music Television] kind of banned it.”

Giggling, Hough shook her head and showed off her megawatt smile to the crowd of about 100 packed on the dance floor. “Apparently I was taking off too many clothes as I was dancing across my bedroom.” She paused to let this sink in. “But I don’t know – I kind of liked it.”

The people who banned it should seriously take a look at some of the other videos out there in comparison. I often have to decline posting a video because some of them are much worse in comparison. Maybe the video doesn’t belong on CMT after all. As Julianne recently joked, maybe it belongs on MTV instead?


  1. Wow, another “The Pill” by Loretta Lynn and eventually that even got back on the radio.

  2. Seriously it’s rather sad considering all the other garbage that’s on TV today. What about the rappers and all that nasty cussing and drinking and doing drugs in their videos. You go Julianne.

  3. Two words: Pussycat Dolls. I’ve seen them do worse in thirty seconds of video than she did in 3 minutes of it…

    Oh, whatever. Get the sticks out of your butts, CMT.

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