Kathy Mattea Video- 455 Rocket

Kathy Mattea - 455 Rocket455 Rocket by Kathy Mattea, is from her album titled The Definitive Collection which she released in August, 2006.

At first I hesitated to add this video because when I was younger, I had 2 Chevelle’s! I was a big Chevy fan back then. Since then though, I’ve been a Ford Truck fan and have a nice supercharged Mustang in my garage. So I guess I’ve been willing to change before.

Besides, this was a visitor request, so I’m glad to add it for that reason alone.


  1. MaxDakota says:

    455 Rocket is one of my favorite Kathy Mattea songs for sure, thanks for posting the video…great song! But like you, I’m a Chevy guy! I’m on my 4th Camaro and have a new 2010, they are sweet. Used to hate Mustangs but since they came out with the retro models a few years ago I have learned to appreciate even them!

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