Lee Greenwood Video – God Bless the USA

Lee Greenwood Video - God Bless the USALee Greenwood performing God Bless the U.S.A. is one of today’s additions to Top Country Music Videos.

Lee originally released God Bless the U.S.A. on his album titled You’ve Got a Good Love Comin’ back in 1984. At the time, it reached the number 7 spot on the charts.

The song was included on several of his albums over the years and is included on our Memorial Day country music videos tribute list.


  1. I remember the first time I heard “God Bless The USA”. I was six years old, and it was a mid-western dusky afternoon. It was at a rodeo, and before anything began, we all stood up and listened to Lee Greenwood piped over the loudspeakers. I was awestruck at the power of song, even then. I think it’s the earliest memory I have of a song reaching down and touching my heart. It’s a feeling I can’t describe…but where the song abruptly pauses was definitely the key moment for me. I plan to write about it on our website. Thanks for your post!

  2. These country music videos are terrific.

  3. My wife’s nephew holds a family and friends (sometimes about four hundred people) come to a catfish fry every summer. A few years back with his daughter in college volleyball it was delayed to 09/11. When the band took a break they would play cd’s of request. With our seven year old son very aware of the date and that his oldest brother was stationed overseas he went up and requested “God Bless the USA”. The lady with the band was so taken back by our little boys’ request that she used the microphone to call him out. The group was so moved as he stood proud listening to his favorite song after reminding everyone there of the important date. He wants to meet Lee Greenwood and I hope he gets to some day.

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