Mother’s Day Country Music Songs and Videos

Mothers Day Country MusicIn honor of Mother’s Day, we’re once again posting a list of Mother’s Day Country Music Videos to help remember and celebrate this special day. We post these every year for a couple of days leading up to and thru Sunday.

Some of the videos below are not just about the day itself for Mother’s, but about life experiences shared with Mothers in general which add to the long lasting memories we sometimes experience ourselves.

I’ll be adding to the list over time, so if there are any video’s in particular you’d like me to add, let me know in the comment section below and I’ll do my best to locate a good quality video and add it to the list.


  1. Randy Travis – Angels

  2. Joe Nichols The Baby…. gotta be on here

    • Hi Darla, I have “Blake Shelton – The Baby” on my list to add tomorrow morning, is this the song you mean?

  3. This is one amazing song! Check the video here:

    Happy Mother’s Day! Elaine

  4. Hey man,

    There’s a song by Reba McEntire which really captures the beauty of a Mother’s love for her children. Its called ‘You’re Gonna Be’.

    Hope you can include it in your list :)

    Love the other songs in your list by the way. Thanks for that :)

  5. What about Lauren Alaina like my mother does!

  6. It figures that You put Reba Mcentire at the bottom of the list when she
    is suppose to be at the top at #1. All of You are a bunch of ripoffs for
    what You are doing to Reba.

    • Karen, I’m sorry that you felt the way you did after seeing our list of Mother’s Day country music videos. For your information, the list is not in an order of best to worst, only “alphabetical order”. Have a great day:-)

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