Red Roots Debut Music Video – Red Roots

Red Roots VideoUpcoming Christian Country Trio Red Roots performing in their debut music video Red Roots, is today’s YouTube addition to Top Country Music Videos.

“We have released our first music video featuring the song Red Roots. Red Roots is also our group name. Both our group name and song represent the core message and focus of our group that we are rooted in the blood of Christ. His sacrifice on the cross gave our lives meaning and hope.”

Red Roots tells a story of a dad and his daughter going on a hunting trip looking for Sassafras trees. They need the red roots of the Sassafras trees to make red tea with. The dad uses the hunting trip to show his daughter how the red roots of the sassafras tree compare to the red roots of Jesus Christ. The song blends our earlier bluegrass and contemporary styles to form our new Christian Country sound and has been released to radio.

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  1. These girls are great!!! Can’t wait to hear their project!

  2. Ian Whitfield says:

    This group has a great sound that will cross over into pop and country but serve the lord all the time

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