Shooter Jennings Video – Outlaw You

Shooter Jennings Video - Outlaw YouShooter Jennings performing Outlaw You is today’s addition to Top Country Music Videos.

Outlaw You is a single from Shooter’s upcoming album titled Family Man which is tentatively scheduled to be released in January, 2012. The single and music video were both released in mid-late August, 2011.

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  1. You said is right. I don’t know what music city thinks country is but it sure isn’t the crap that is being played on the radio today! Country music was built to the outlaw standard by the good ole boys like Waylon, Johnny, Willie, Kris, Hank and the list goes on and on and to think that nashville has let that standard form back to the old nashiville sound makes me sick! The legends fought for control of their music and control for their own expressions. What we have on the radio right now is a puppet show of do what I do not what you believe in. Stick to your guns Shooter your family should be very proud for standing for what you believe and trying to save what your family fought so hard to create!!!!!!!!

    You rock! love the new single and will buy the new album to add to my Waylon/Shooter collection. Your music is a proud addition to all the legends I have collected over the years.

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