Six Mile Grove Video – Steel Mule

Six Mile Grove Video - Steel MuleSix Mile Grove performing Steel Mule is today’s contributed YouTube addition to Top Country Music Videos.

The music video below was submitted by David Dennison, Videographer – Minneapolis, Minnesota.

You can read what he has to say about the song, music video and the production of the video below, but I have to add my opinion here as well: I listened to this song as I watched the video and it really is fantastic. The lyrics to the song tell a great story of wonderful man and the video is of matching quality as well.

Here’s what David had to say about his experience:

I met this band last summer at a small music festival. Their music immediately painted pictures in my imagination and captured my heart. Especially this song, “Steel Mule” written by Lead Singer/songwriter Brandon Sampson, about his 87-year old grandfather who is still an active farmer.

After convincing Brandon to allow me to illustrate the song, I spent a day with his grandfather during harvest. This video is the product of that day. Wonderful man, wonderful song.

Six Mile Grove is a 4-piece band from Lyle, Minnesota whose roots and songs run deep in the family farm”…. David Dennison

Find out more about Six Mile Grove and their music on the band’s official website:

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