Sugarland Video – Tonight

Sugarland Video - TonightSugarland performing Tonight is today’s YouTube addition to Top Country Music Videos.

Tonight is a single from the duo’s album titled The Incredible Machine, which was released in October, 2010.

The music video debuted in mid-April, 2011 and is making it’s rounds among viewers prompting some blogs to write about Jennifer Nettles sexiness in the video. I think Jennifer does a great job of bringing out sexy in the video, not going over the edge as some other artists in the past are said to have done.

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  1. I liked the show and learned some tignhs, but visually it was annoying to see the same shots used repeatedly and sometimes in a confusing way. When Ken Burns repeats an image, it can be argued that the Civil War is over so his choices are limited. There are a billion people in China, why did we have to see the same shot of the guy with the grinder at least 3 times in Chimerica? Another example the interracial couple sitting and drinking they start out in Memphis or Nashville, and are also shown when Detroit is the topic. Since the host was jetted around the world, nobody could shoot or buy a little more B roll? Nice job, but Id like to see the 90 min version, without so much visual filler.

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