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Releasing her first album at only 16 years old, just a few short years ago, Taylor Swift has built up an aspiring collection of awards, top charting hits and a worldwide loyal fan base.

Having come a long way from singing the Star Spangled Banner at a 76er’s Game in Philadelphia when she was 11 years old, Taylor still has many years ahead of her to share her musical talents.


  1. SWALTERS2K11 says:


  2. brittany hilliard says:

    dear taylor I love all of your songs they are all my favorite songs including you belong with me and I love you.
    and kailey likes all of your songs and she love you so much. and she like all of your hair.and your dress.love kailey.We all love you.

  3. taylor swift i jus luv u i wsh evn i cld b bllsd wit a vce lke u

  4. dear, taylor l love all your songs…….and you :) and your hair is sooooo pretty!
    i hope that someday i can go to one of your concerts!! i love you sooo much!~
    Yeeeeek! i love taylor swift!! :) :) :) ……..that would be sooo cool if you emailed me…..
    well if you do here is my email (removed email to avoid being spammed) and if you do you can totaly trust me…. i would not like go spread the wird to people! and give them your email

    i love you taylor,

    sarah, :)

  5. I love all of your songs they are all my favorite songs including you belong with me and I love you…I enjoy listening you sing very much.ThankS.

  6. I enjoy listening you sing very much.ThankS.

  7. I love Taylor Swift songs.There are no other songs that I like better than her.I keep hearing all those songs over and over again but I never get bored.

  8. The best
    I like you songs
    Love story
    All your songs i like, the love.

  9. Shella may says:

    Dear, taylor swift ang galing po kumanta sa lahat ng songs in including it’ s so amazing at wonderful at so perfect.

  10. that was welley good from kid amberlee

  11. conniecat2323 says:

    I AM TAYLOR SWIFTS #1 FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. wow that was amazing taylor

  13. Taylor Swift
    Is my favorite she is a great singer
    And my favorite is Mine
    She plays a piano.

  14. adoro a TEYLOR WSIFT ela e minha maior fã A LOVE YOU TEYLOR BJS

  15. kkkkkkkk

  16. I love your music love Sabrina xxxxxxxxx

  17. I love you.


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