The Band Perry Video – If I Die Young

The Band Perry - If I Die YoungThe Band Perry performing If I Die Young, is today’s YouTube video at Top Country Music Videos.

If I Die Young is one of the band’s first five singles to be released since signing a recording contract late last year. The music video below was just recently released.

The single has been on the Billboard charts now for the last 2 weeks and is was most recently in the number 49 position.


  1. cierra mcdaniel says:

    i love the song and the girl i very pretty i want your cd to listen to all day long i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey I Bet i Love the band perry more than you cause I met them at walmart the date when I met them was 8-11-11

  2. cierra mcdaniel says:

    cool love the song so much its pretty

  3. This is a awesome song you guys have great talent

  4. its a really nice song. really makes you stop and think for awhile

  5. avory skye says:

    omg!i only heard this song once and then i was hooked i listen to it everday i can,really great song!!!!:) :) :)

  6. fried chicken lover says:

    omg i freken love tht song so much=)

  7. Bill Combs says:

    Very comforting, since I just Lost a 38 year old daughter. I would hope to hear you if you are ever in the Dallas area.

  8. jessica nichole harper nix says:

    this song is so beautiful and i have to sing this song to my one year old son oevery night and the weird thing is even after singing this song every night for 6 months im still not tired of the song!!!

  9. i realy like this song!!i feel like dying young!!hahaha…

  10. i love your songs and im going to try to buy a cd of yours because you rock my favorite song is if i die young that song rocks keep on making new songs ill be sure to hear them all on the country network im a big fan of yours i love your music

  11. carl stevens says:

    Greate song , you all are really really good and the girl has an awsem voice

  12. I like this song very much. it’s really nice song for me. Especially “If i die young”.

  13. i love your songs

  14. nonsense

  15. I love this song sooo much!!!!….i listen to it everyday!!!

  16. this song was my best friends ring tone on her phone, it was her favorite song. She died 7 months ago and it was played at her funeral. I miss her so much and this song comforts me. Because it feels like she talking to me.

  17. I’m Yankee in Cincinnati and we heard this song at about the Carolina line and now it reminds me of the south and love it. By the way we northers would call her a southern belle. I’m jealous I want to be southern.

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