Toby Keith Video – Made in America – 2011 CMT Awards

Toby Keith Video - Made in America - 2011 CMT AwardsToby Keith performing Made in America is today’s addition to Top Country Music Videos.

Made in America is a new single from Toby that hasn’t yet been included on any of his album releases. He performed the song in the music video below, live during the 2011 CMT Music Awards show on June 8, 2011.

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  1. Mrs. Bell says:

    AMAZING SONG!! I love Toby Keith and this song is so beautiful. “Pay a little more at the store for a tag in the back that says USA.” Maybe if more Americans did this, China & other outside countries wouldn’t have all of our industries. We are at a point where we are no longer self-sufficient as a country. We rely on so many others but they don’t rely on us because we’ve stopped making things. “He ain’t prejudice he’s just MADE IN AMERICA” Is brilliant as well because people have thrown the terms “racist” and “prejudice” at such a wide array of views that aren’t either. Believing in our country and wanting to support it and protect it – it’s patriotic and loyal. Nothing else.
    Love this song! GREAT message!

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