Toby Keith Video – Trailerhood

Toby Keith - TrailerhoodToby Keith performing Trailerhood is today’s addition to Top Country Music Videos.

Trailerhood is a single off Toby’s album which titled Bullets in the Gun which was released in October, 2010.

The song and video depict the trailer park lifestyle, in a fun and humorous Toby Keith kind of way.

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  1. Sorry but I am not happy with his portrayal of those of us who reside in a mobile home park.

    I feel he his setting us apart as trash and I find no humor in the video.

    There is just as much pride in taking care of our mobile homes as there is in any others who have a house.
    I find it degrading.

    • get a grip he makes a fool of himself in a lot of videos he said trailer not mobile home…there is a difference. any way you aint a real Toby Keith fan or it would be all good.

    • It aint meant to be a disgrace. Its meant to make you laugh. Lighten up and let some of the starch out of your pants

    • im 13 an lived in a trailer all of my life and i love the song and find it funny

  2. I love this song and when the old mans teeth fall out

  3. Ann,

    I’m sure Toby Keith is not the first person to poke fun at “Mobile Home Communities”. And probably won’t be the last.
    Relax…and take comfort in knowing that you own yours for around $20,000 and it’s over in 5-10 years.The rest of us pay on ours for 30 years and very few of us ever truly own ours.

  4. I like this video I used to reside in a trailer park and he pretty much hit the nail on the head for where I lived. We were just some good ole people having a good time. We never really cared what people thought of us because of where we lived. And the people showed at the end of the video were the residence of the mobile home park where the video was shot because if was shot in a real location with the real people that lived there and they were excited about having the video done.

  5. i like this video ’cause he’s not saying that it’s bad to live in a trailer home. if anything he makes it look kinds cool.

    • I have to agree with you guys. I don’t see anything wrong with the video at all either. I think the video is great, and funny as heck. I lived in a trailer myself for 7 years and I never thought then, nor now, anything bad about someone just because of where they lived.

  6. Me and my kids are in the video at the end. I wasnt sure about doing it but my kids had a blast and everyone was really nice. It was a once in a lifetime thing and pretty awesome!

  7. Shannon,
    Were the people at the end of the video related to Toby Keith or individuals he met while filming the video. He looked really comfortable with everyone.

  8. Loved the video, lived in a mobile home park before (in college) and he definately makes it look cool! Toby, you ROCK!!!

  9. Toby chatted about the making of this video. He lived in a “trailerhood” when he was in his 20’s. Loved it. These are fond memories of that time. By the way, the people at the end of the video singing the chorus are folks that lived in the mobile home park where they made the video– no actors, just folks watching what was going on.

    Toby is just trying to entertain people like all ofther people who are in music, jokes, etc.
    I think it is great, I like all of his vidio’s he makes as well as other country artists and at least he had the brass balls to stand up for what the dixie chicks tried to do to him and then change what the letters from N. Mange- gees is that what you put on a horse or jackass???, Live life like there is no tomorrow as you may not be around for it.
    Plus he has gone on tours over sea’s to entertain the troops who keep this country free and lay it on the line, bet you all can not do it & I am a Viet Nam veteran.
    If not you need to get a life or yours is pretty bad off

  11. LOl i love this song i live in mobile home also paid for over 25 years it’s just a song
    People are to uptight i’m 58 and you have to relax have fun life short lot’s more thing’s to worry about than song like our country

  12. Hilarious!!!!! This is one of the funniest music videos in the whole entire world!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone should see this music video!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the best one ever!!!!!!!!!!!! Shawna

  13. Watch this music video. Shawna

  14. I love toby keith and I love the song and video. Toby is a wonderful singer and I do live in a trailer

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