Trace Adkins Video – Hot Mama

Trace Adkins - Hot MamaTrace Adkins performing Hot Mama, which is based on the hit single from his album titled Comin’ On Strong. (Trace Atkins)

Comin’ On Strong was released in December, 2002 and is a Platinum selling album. It reached the number 3 spot on the charts. Hot Mama itself, reached the number 5 spot on the charts and added to Trace Adkins Top Ten charters.

Check out the video below. Trace Adkins always seems to add a wide variety of appealing characteristics to his videos. This one has sex appeal and at the same time hits home to some on the “sometimes crazy family life” aspect.


  1. Mats-Sune says:

    The truth of a family can be the mother can often be the most at the center, and when a man loves a woman, so what do I know.

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