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Travis Tritt YouTube VideosThis page contains Travis Tritt YouTube Videos that will be updated on a regular basis. You’ll find all types of videos here including studio videos, live performance videos, fan submitted videos and even fans submitting their own cover versions.

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  1. You i like your Blues man video, It reminds me of myself. yout Bro Tim Martin

  2. We attended your concert recently in Tulsa. The guards kept me from approaching you as you left the stage. I told one of the young men that I was delivering a CD from a songwriter…the fellow that penned “Maybe It Was Memphis”. He lives in L.A. but gave me his OK to pass the CD on to you. There is one song on it that I thought you should record…… since you seem to have such a great sense of humor. My question is: did the young guard , indeed, get it to you, Travis, or not?
    My daughter and I enjoyed the concert very much. Come back to Tulsa real soon!!

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