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Vince Gill YouTube VideosThis page includes Vince Gill YouTube Videos that will be updated on a regular basis. You’ll find all types of Country music videos here including studio videos, live performance videos, fan submitted videos and even fans submitting their own cover versions.

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  1. Jake Melvin says:

    I listen to vince sing this song over and over here on Youtube and in my truck every where I go. I told My family that when god and the marine corps gives me my last set of orders , I want this song played at my funeral. LOVE IT..

  2. Arnold Ballu Rote says:

    Vince Gill is one of my favorite artist. I enjoyed all of his country song’s

  3. Arnold Ballu Rote says:

    go rest high on that mountain, is one of my favorite song. i hear this song everyday. this song gave me strengh when i face a problem on my live. thankyou so much Vince. God in Jesus Christ bless you.

  4. Arnol Ballu says:

    i listen to the Vince Gill song’s everyday. I enjoyed all the song’s

  5. When I listen to the Vince Gill song’s I have get more inspiration to compose the new song.

  6. BRINNIE says:

    if you can watch this video without shedding a tear, you have no soul!
    Thank you Vince and Patty. Mr George Jones, thank you for the memories and the sweet music. I know there is a place in Heaven for “Country!”

  7. ROGER GAGNON says:

    i love VINCE GILL great singer wish i could golf with him too lol

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