Zac Brown Band and James Taylor Video – Colder Weather – Live at the 2011 ACM Awards

Zac Brown Band and James Taylor Video - Colder WeatherZac Brown Band and James Taylor performing Colder Weather live is today’s YouTube addition to Top Country Music Videos.

The music video below is a recording from the 2011 Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards which was held on Sunday April 3, 2011 in Las Vegas. They finish up Colder Weather and flow smoothly, right into the last few verses and chorus of James Taylor’s Sweet Baby James.

We also have two other versions of this song on videos: Zac Brown band – Colder Weather – Studio Version and Zac Brown Band performing Colder Weather, Live from the House of Blues, Los Angeles – February, 2010

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  1. That this is the coolest performance I’ve ever seen doesn’t begin to approach it. After watching the video about ten times, I’m still getting goose bumps. Been a JT fan for I don’t know how many years, and when I first heard Zac I just knew that he had to have been, too. Carole King, as well, anyone? Christ Almighty, now that would be a show. *S*

    • OMG–JT was my first concert at 12 years old. My most recent concert was JT at Chrysler Hall in Norfolk,VA — paid 500 bucks — and would do it again and again. Listening to this and watching how cool JT is to throw it to Zac is just awesome. When I listen to Zac B, I hear JT…you???

  2. OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. grndcontrol says:

    Wow how do you top that !!!!!!!!!!!!! a rock sold icon and an up and coming one

  4. Now it’s Nov., and this is still my “go to” video when I’m feeling down. Hubby works away half the year, but thank goodness he always comes home, weather or not. And, as Karin said, yes I do hear JT in every Zac tune. In fact, the first time I heard this song, I thought, “James is back on the radio? On a country station?” I really would love to see them tour together. Let’s not forget Carole. I’d pay anything to see that performance. *S*

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