September 23, 2023

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15 Easter Songs For Egg Hunts, Worship, & More

They say music is the soundtrack of your life. Well, when was the last time you’ve had an Easter songs playlist? One thing I love about my family is we can find a song to match any situation and create the perfect vibe, and Easter is no different. It just gives another good reason to sing as badly as we can at the tops of our lungs, and our kids join right in on our shenanigans.

There are so many facets to celebrating Easter, from going to church to commemorate resurrection Sunday, to coloring eggs, to the dinner table, or to the backyard where your kid’s race to hunt down and gather the most eggs. No matter what you’re doing, there’s a song for it all. And yes, there are plenty of boring traditional songs — no shade to Peter Cottontail, but you’d be surprised at how some classics or pop music can bring out more of the color and life of this holiday.

So, here are some collected tunes to keep your little bunnies hoppin’ throughout all of your holiday happenings. And no matter what your plans are, remember that your vibing playlist is only a finger tap or voice command away.

The Corny Traditional Easter Songs

If your babies don’t know how to spell bunny, they’ll have a better idea after this tune. It’s set to the oldie-but-goody song Bingo.

Your kids may think they know this song until the shark has an easter basket and suit. In the end, the singers ask your little ones for their favorite part of the song. Knowing how addictive the original “Baby Shark” song can be, I’d advise playing this one at your own risk.

It’s time to dance, and the Bounce Patrol is here to break down the moves to the bunny hop. You can play the song alone, but it’s so much more fun with the video.

OK, stretch out your arms and make space because you have to do this one with your kids. It’s just like the hokey pokey, but you’re a bunny!

“Suprise Surprise, you’ll never know where they hide. Easter egg hunting, what a fun day.”

This song has an upbeat ‘80s vibe as they sing about chasing the Easter bunny and getting all the eggs you can.

Religious Songs

This simple song is about believing in the love of Jesus Christ and sharing that love with the world. It is accompanied by a sign language tutorial with Lisa in the video to match the lyrics. You can introduce your kiddos to a new way of communicating this Easter.

This is an upbeat bop full of kids dancing to the words, “Jesus is alive, it’s a happy day. Come on, let’s party, let’s celebrate.” Move the furniture back and dance along.

These songs create the perfect Easter medley for your family to sing along to. The kids’ voices are cheerful, light, and full of adoration and praise.

Egg Coloring Songs

Color is about expression, and this song is all about knowing that there won’t ever be another person like you. Such positive words for kids to hear. Not to mention that the video is literally an explosion of colors! Especially pastels.

“Baby, you’re a firework, come on, let your colors burst” are the lyrics that stand out. Who wouldn’t want to move their shoulders and throw around colors with Katy blasting in the background?

With the lyrics, “I woke up with all this sunlight, ain’t got time to listen to any shade,” your kids will stay hype while they mix whatever colors their hearts desire. This Trolls song is a fun way to hold onto the happiness of this holiday.

Egg Hunt Songs

Bey loves the kids, and they love her. This is the perfect song to get the kids moving and ready for the hunt.

We hide the eggs, and end up yelling “Try looking behind that bush!” We aren’t raising quitters, right? This song with Bruno Mars and the Sesame Street gang will keep your kids inspired to keep looking until they’ve found that golden egg.

These hunts aren’t timed, are they? Nah, but when the eggs start getting low it’s almost time to wrap up. This song by Europe is a classic, and you’ll probably be too busy singing along to notice your kids have already started eating their candy.

Bonus Song For The Morning After Easter

This is dedicated to every mom who needs the space to do absolutely nothing the morning after an activity-heavy holiday, like Easter. So if you can, try not to get up with the sun and leave the laundry alone. Honestly, Bruno is doing a bit too much moving for me in the video, so do what he says — not what he does. And if that means all the kids have to climb in bed and do nothing with you, so be it. At least they had a memorable Easter with a dope soundtrack.