8 Budget-Friendly Tips to Improve Your Music Streams

With popular bands canceling their shows and shifting toward online performances, live music is on the rise.

Thousands of professional and amateur musicians join online streaming platforms. It’s excellent news for all music lovers since they can enjoy live performances at their fingertips. Meanwhile, musicians can build an audience and advance in their careers.

However, there is a catch – you have to broadcast a high-quality music stream to survive the competition. This time, you will learn quick budget-friendly tips and tricks to improve your music performance.

Think of Lighting Conditions

Even the highest-resolution camera might produce plenty of noise when you record in the dark. But if you record something during the day, natural light will help you max out the video quality.

So consider your lighting conditions. The more sunlight your camera can catch, the better the image you will get. For this, you can set up your streaming desk next to the window to make sure there is enough light in the room.

Keep in mind the golden hour trick. It refers to the evening hours before sunset when light is softer.

Notify Your Viewers Beforehand

How many viewers will get to your stream? You will never know exactly. But you can make as many people see your performance as possible without spending a dollar. For this, you can leverage these solutions below.

Set Up a Social Media Group

You can accumulate regular followers and inform them about your stream on your social media page. They’re more likely to visit your stream if you advertise it as an event and notify them a day or two before it begins. Your followers will join your broadcast when they see a notification in their social media feed.

Select a Music Platform

Selecting a music platform might be daunting sometimes. If you choose the biggest ones, you will have a hard time cutting through all that noise as a beginner musician.

Meanwhile, smaller niche streaming platforms might suit better for both amateur and professional live music recordings. They feature fewer artists, so there is less competition. It means that you can grow your audience a bit easier. Your target streaming platform also must support HD video.

Broadcast at a Perfect Time

Think of the right time for a music stream. If you start one at 8 AM on Monday, you will get fewer views. After all, most people are busy until 5-6 PM. So the ideal time for a music stream might be between 8 and 10 PM when everyone stretches on their coaches after a long working day.

But this goes for weekdays. On the weekends, most people visit social media and streaming platforms from 12 AM to 2 PM. So you can kill two birds with one stone – get good lighting and most viewers.

Analyze Your Audience

Knowing your audience allows you to customize your performance, match their needs, and, therefore, grow faster.

You can use marketing tools like Similar Web or SerpStat to get traffic insights into your music streaming platform. These services show:

  • Target countries – visits to volume ratio by country.
  • Audience interests – most popular user searches.
  • Traffic sources – social media, organic search, referrals, etc.

All these parameters will help you gain more active followers. For example, you can adjust your music stream schedule to the target time zone.

Be Consistent

Music streams have become so trendy since these are interactive events, like friendly parties. However, your viewers might start unfollowing your profile unless you go live regularly.

An average internet user has the attention span of a goldfish. They will switch to another performer if you disappear from the platform for a while.

The good news is that you can train more subscribers to watch your streams if you go live consistently, for example, every Sunday morning. Once Sunday kicks in, your viewers will check your profile, expecting the stream.

Offer Exclusive Content for Donators

You can place donation links on your profile. From one to ten percent of your viewers will send you tips once in a while. But if you wish to increase the cash flow, you have to stimulate your audience with exclusive content.

You can let your paid subscribers watch some exclusive music videos, record on-demand song covers, etc. As time goes by, you will get enough resources to upgrade your equipment and boost your views.

The Bottom Line

Professional equipment will undoubtedly set your live music streams to the next level, but you can improve your performance using budget-friendly solutions. 

Natural lighting, a proper stream schedule, market analysis, and consistency will help you boost views and subscribers alike. Combine this thoughtful approach with exclusive offers, and your hobby will bring you both aesthetic and financial rewards.