10 June 2021, 16:31 | Updated: 11 June 2021, 09:11

A genius has created a classical music mashup of 70 pieces by famous composers
A genius has created a classical music mashup of 70 pieces by famous composers.

Getty / YouTube

The ultimate potpourri of classical hits is here – and it actually works.

The Internet is a beautiful thing.

Mostly because it has just introduced us to an ingenious mashup that brings together no fewer than 70 pieces of classical music, by many different composers, in one glorious new piece of music.

The classical ‘mashup’, the brainchild of a guy called Grant Woolard, features a staggering number of recognisable classical melodies by composers that include Mozart, Mendelssohn, Beethoven, Bach, Elgar, Bernstein, Joplin, and many more.

They’re all combined into a seamless, logical, and actually really rather enjoyable piece for the (computerised) piano.

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It is a painstakingly meticulous piece of work. Every line of music is accompanied by a visualisation of its composer’s face, placed to match the melodies’ pitches across a stave.

It’s very addictive to watch, and listen to, as you wait to hear if your favourite piece of music’s melody has made the cut.

The fun bit is grabbing a pen and pad, and noting down as many of the 70 tunes you can identify.

This isn’t the first mashup Woolard has created – head to their YouTube Channel here, and subscribe to enjoy the other works in this marvellous series.