October 2, 2023

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Armed with a new EP, Michigander set to share a collection of songs fine-tuned in the pandemic

Writing, recording, and performing under the name of Michigander, Jason Singer’s dream to have his music heard on the radio came to fruition, exceeding all expectations.

By 2020, the Midland, Michigan native had amassed an arsenal of songs that
have collectively earned Michigander over 12 million streams.  Standouts
include “Misery,” “Nineties,” and current chart topper “Let Down.” 

“For my whole life, I always wanted to sign a record deal and be on the
radio,” Singer said. “And now after years of putting in the effort, I’m finally
residing in Detroit with my new EP coming out. It’s really exciting to see.”

The songs, reflecting the fruits of his labor, earned him spots performing
alongside Mt. Joy, Hippo Campus and Sliversun Pickups. Michigander started
sharing the festival circuit with bands like The National, Foster the People,
Moon Taxi, and Alt-J.  The wave of success stopped as the world shut down
in early 2020.

Taking full advantage of the extra time in 2020, Singer took a deep dive
into his music and expanded his creative palette. His efforts opened a vault of
songs that he’s been a work in progress his entire career.

“In the past, I didn’t want to write anything I wasn’t sure we could pull
off live,” Singer said. “This time, I didn’t care. I incorporated programming
and samples that went beyond being a rock band. I became more sure of who I am,
what I want to do with music, and how I want to go about it. I tried to be more
vulnerable and make something I’m very proud of. I got to add in everything I
always wanted to.”

The EP, Everything Will Be Ok Eventually is the result of pushing his
musical boundaries. 

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