Nicholas “Blaze” Baum made headlines in 2015 when the Aurora, Missouri native made a funny YouTube video that depicted him and country music star Brad Paisley hanging out and jamming.

The “Brad Paisley” in the video was actually Blaze wearing an oversized mask — but the real Paisley discovered and shared the video on Twitter the next day and invited Blaze to come up on stage at an upcoming concert.

Fast forward a few years and Baum continues to find himself making music with the stars as he furthers his music career.

Blaze recently played guitar on the title track of Blake Shelton’s new album, Body Language.

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Aurora native Nicholas "Blaze" Baum recently landed a gig playing guitar on Blake Shelton's new album.

Asked how he landed the gig, Blaze explained that he’d already been tapped to play the guitar on the original version of the song before Shelton chose to add the song to his new album. When Shelton and his producer heard Blaze playing on the original version, they asked Blaze to continue working with them on the song. 

“Of course when I get an offer like that, I can’t turn that down,” Blaze said. “That’s an opportunity of a lifetime.”