Hardware sampling is back, big time! And it’s made this huge comeback after a time when many had considered this art of digitally recording and manipulating audio the domain of software only. Macs and PCs certainly have the power to sample and crunch audio like never before, but just like the hardware synth market, hardware sampling has become big business again. And that’s why we’re looking at the best samplers right here. 

This is because, like those hardware synths, people love the tactile approach to using a hardware box to create music. Hardware samplers have also become massively powerful and far more creative for the recording and performing musician than those rack units from the 1990s. You can, as we shall see below, use a sampling workstation to create entire pieces of music, without a computer! We have, then, gone full circle technology wise: from simple rack samplers that sat next to computers, through computers handling all of your software sampling, right back to standalone power houses of sampling tech that do everything out of the box without a computer in sight!