October 2, 2023

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Cade Thompson, Joplin native singer, excited over upcoming release of debut album | Lifestyles

Joplin native singer-songwriter Cade Thompson hasn’t sat back on his laurels this past winter during the pandemic-induced downtime that had most performers worldwide twiddling their thumbs.

First, he released a well-received single “New Normal” — appropriately named for the times we live in — late last year. Next, he released a second radio single “Source of Life” to nice reviews. He then began live touring in early March. Most recently, Thompson wrapped up the remaining threads of his debut album, “Bigger Story,” which releases Sept. 10.

“I am beyond excited for my album,” the Christian singer said this week, who lived until the age of 9 in Joplin. “It feels like a dream come true — a dream that has been going on inside of me for as long as I can remember.”

From singing karaoke on the front porch of his Joplin home at the age of 5 to now performing in venues across Nashville at the age of 20, “this is a moment I am so thrilled to be in the middle of. The anticipation of the time that I will be able to hold my physical album is overwhelming at times, and sometimes it doesn’t even seem real. I know I will look at my album and think about just how many stories are put into each lyric.”

The album’s first single, “Bigger Story,” was released a week ago Friday. Thompson said the song, an uplifting anthem, “truly encompasses the whole heartbeat behind the entire record” and reminds listeners that, no matter the trials they may experience, “to trust in God’s timing and care.”

Thompson co-wrote all the album’s tracks with top songwriters in the industry, including award-winning artist Matthew West.

COVID-19 not only stopped his live performances, it also pushed back the release date of “Bigger Story,” which had been set for 2020.

“It was hard to be patient, but honestly, I know that right now is the right time,” Thompson said. “Throughout the past year I have been able to really live these songs and let them sink into my bones. The more I hear these songs, the more they speak to me, and I know they will speak to many others as well. So many people have walked through different struggles this past year, my hope is that this album can connect on all levels with people in all walks of life.

“Each song on this album has a truth that reminds us we are all a part of a bigger story, one that is bigger than ourselves. My hope for this album is that it inspires each listener to truly walk in relationship with Jesus and join the story.”

He’s more than thankful he can do what he loves best on a stage, in front of a live audience.

“Live shows are back,” Thompson said, “and my heart beats a little stronger again. Being back on the road lets me meet the people who have been impacted and encouraged by the songs I write and sing. Those are some of the coolest moments for me.”

Thompson is prepping to participate in the “Step Into the Light Tour” this fall, singing alongside the Newsboys, Mandisa, We Are Messengers and Adam Agee.

“I absolutely love getting to do what I am doing now,” Thompson continued, “and I am so grateful to be back at it in full force again. I love traveling, sharing music and hearing stories of how God changes people’s lives … that truly is one of my greatest joys in life.”

To learn more about Thompson, visit his official website at www.cadethompsonmusic.com.

Kevin McClintock is features editor for The Joplin Globe.