party of the life by memoryland
Party of the Life by Memoryland / Dave Wienke

Dave Wienke’s “Party of the Life” by Memory Land Now Available

OnFocus – Central Wisconsin native Dave Wienke as “Memory Land” has just released his official debut album “Party of the Life.” Now living in Chicago, Wienke has 7 previous solo and collaborative works that have been shared, sold, and given away at concerts and events, but this album marks the first published album through the Association of Authors and Composers.

Wienke first started “making up” song when he was 16 and began teaching himself guitar at age 20.

“I learned chord progressions and notes by writing another song that had a new chord I didn’t know how to play,” he said. “By the time I could play that song I’d learned that chord and would write a new song with another chord I wanted to practice. As I was learning I grew to enjoy writing music and singing and it became a hobby that I was/am very passionate about.”

Though he doesn’t have any formal musical background, Wienke grew up surrounded by talented creatives.

“I sort of learned late in life by a musicians standards. I’ve never formally studied any music theory. I’ve never taken a class in anything music related at all for that matter,” he said. “I’ve got various aunts, uncles, cousins, and my mother who are very artistic. Some of them are musically gifted and others are painters. I guess that is probably where I inherited any musical talent from.”

While also working full time as an Information Technology Service Manager, Wienke participates in a YouTube show called Song Club Radio Hour that live streams each week. The object is to write a song and a sketch every week for 20 consecutive weeks for the show.

dave wienke with guitar in the yard
Dave Wienke

“At first I aspired to make 20 songs in a row for the show while also working full time 50+ hours a week just as a challenge and welcome distraction during this strange year,” he said. “Any free moment that I had outside of work was spent writing, recording, or mixing music. If I had any other downtime I was usually studying technical things pertaining to mixing such as reverb, compression and so forth. By the time the season concluded, I had worked so hard to finish those 20 songs, that I decided I might as well spend 90 more hours on 10 of them and make an album from it.”

Song Club Radio Hour’s week 3 title was “Party of the Life,” which is Wienke’s personal favorite song on the album and the inspiration for the album title. A lyric from the series also inspired his artist name.

“Building Memory Land was a lyric from a song I did for season 1 called ‘I’m in the Brand’ which is my mother’s and also a very good friend Matty Sims favorite song,” he said. “Relationships and memories are very important to me especially as I’ve aged. I want to be intentional about spending time building relationships and memories with the people I love.”

“Memory Land is sort of the embodiment of how I try to live my life,” he explained. “My friend from Seattle, King James Oxford, was talking to me after midnight one weekend and I liked that he had a moniker. He suggested Memory Land as a moniker for my music production and collaborations, and it became the name.”

An amalgam of Indie Pop, Indie Rock, and Singer Song-writer, the album encompasses a variety of sounds and textures.

“I’d say there is a pretty big variety and its hard to put the songs into just one genre,” said Wienke. “While Lyrics and vocals are an important part there is also a vibe with the synth and beat that can work for driving or back ground music for a card game or something.”

Though no concert dates are currently planned, Wienke hopes to perform in Seattle this summer. He also plans to release more albums this year.

“I’m still trying to keep my mind occupied to avoid some of the craziness about,” he said. “Mostly I’m focused on the next 10 I’m writing and have a goal of 4 full albums published by end of 2021. I have a few more changes and some mastering to do before I publish Building Memory Land later this spring.”

Wienke added that he has another 8 songs already recorded that will be on an album called “Gather Round,” which he plans to released this summer. In the fall, he plans to release another album, title yet unknown.

“If you are passionate about something, you can be good at it, and enjoy it. How far you take it is entirely up to you,” he said. “Procrastination is a dangerous. It robs you of all your potential and leaves you empty. Life is way shorter than you think, stop worrying about saving money for later and start living your life now! There is no guarantee on later.”

“Party of the Life” can be downloaded via BandCamp at It is also available to stream on Apple, Spotify and Amazon.

“A thank you and a shout out go to anyone who has been instrumental in my continued endeavors in music, whether through collaboration, or being a fan,” he added. “So many people have been supportive that I cannot name them all. The people listed below by name have been the most supportive and are the ones that I would like to thank most.”

Thanks from Dave:

My wife Fani. My Parents Vonnie and Daryl, LeRoy and Karen. I love them very much.

My siblings: Haul Hasslehoff, Uncle Gago, Peletin Pel and Pat Pat Pamouth have been very supportive and awesome all these years. They have always been in competition as my biggest fans and are probably the only people other than my mother and Fani, who have heard every song I’ve ever written. The wear my t shirts, listen and share my music and are always excited about some new song. The energy and positivity from them is paramount to me even having the energy after a normal work week to keep doing it.
I’d say about half of all my (very big) family and friends have shown quite a lot of support and encouragement as well.

My cousin’s Zach, Nick, Rachel, Rebecca, Matthew Paul, and Elizabeth are amazing supporters.

My Grandma, Aunt Becky and Aunt Laurie have been as well.

Joel Myers has been a great friend and inspiration musically ever since we were 17 years old singing in front of a supermarket in Aberdeen WA when we ran out of gas.

My Uncle Ben for sure! He is a wonderful singer and has always been very encouraging.

Lu BlackPaw Soto who I played with for 7 years.

Matt Anderson, my brother in law. He is a great musician and friend. We still collaborate together on music projects.

Dan Kobylarcik who plays Bass on 7 of the songs from Party of the Life.

All the people from Song Club. They’ve really been an amazing wealth of knowledge and inspiration. I think I’m pretty much the only person in that club who isn’t a professional musician so its pretty cool to ask them questions about all kinds of things and I’ve learned a lot from them in the last year.

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