October 2, 2023

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Dholak: Popular options online to add some beats to your folk songs | Most Searched Products

Whenever you play folk songs, a dholak is one of the most important instruments contributing to the complete music. The soulful beats of this instrument can make you fall in love with music instantly if you hear some good dholak beats at the starting of a folk song. Not just in Punjabi or Eastern UP folk songs, dholak is quite popular in entire South Asia. It is even played in various Sufi songs in combination with other instruments to enhance the audio texture.

If you are planning to learn this melodious musical instrument or want to buy a new dholak for your practice sessions, there are plenty of options available online. Have a look at some of the most trusted options in dholak that you can buy online.

When it comes to Indian musical instruments, people usually prefer buying handmade ones to ensure good sound quality. This dholak has a high-pitched and vibrant sound to make the musical instrument be heard in small gatherings without the use of a mic. The frequency of this dholak has to be adjusted by tightening or loosening the nuts and screws.

It is easy to adjust the audio texture of this dholak as you need not have to use external strings. Just make sure that you tighten the dholak skin with the help of screws properly to ensure proper audio quality.

In the market of dholak for kids or adults, Hemlata Handicrafts is a trusted brand offering a variety of dholaks online. This dholak has a bright yellow colour to give an attractive look to your musical instrument. The handle on this dholak allows you to easily carry the musical instrument wherever you go.

The nuts and bolts are properly fixed with the surface of the dholak. On tightening the screws you will get a sharper sound while loosening will give you a flatter sound. The brand even offers other colours of dholak allowing you to shop as per your wishes and preferences.

This screw-fitted dholak can be another good option that will be apt for your practice sessions and performances. This dholak is of a standard size and is suitable for almost everyone. It has special goatskin that ensures durability and gives you the right sound every time you play a properly tuned dholak.

The dholak comes with a carry case to allow you to keep the dholak away from dust and moisture even when you are travelling. If you are cleaning the dholak, make sure that you use a dry cloth as a wet one can disturb the audio texture.

If you want to go for a handmade dholak in the traditional design, you can go for this option online. Unlike the modern-day dholaks that have to be tightened using nuts and screws, this one works on strings with metallic loops. This dholak is made from dried mango wood and comes with a tuning spanner to allow you to easily tune the dholak whenever you sit down to play the instrument.

This dholak has a high-sound quality and is suitable for intermediate to professional level players because of its size and audio quality. The classic design of this dholak allows you to easily tune your musical instrument.

If you are planning to teach the initial dholak or percussion lessons to your kids, it will be great if you go for a special dholak that is meant for kids instead of the larger ones. This will ensure that your little one can sit comfortably while playing the dholak without facing any difficulty in the positioning of hands. This dholak is small, lightweight and has to be tuned by tightening the strings with the help of the metallic loops.

Make sure that you tune the dholak properly before the initial dholak lessons begin for your kids.

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