Monday, June 28, 2021 – Riley Green announced today he would release “Behind the Bar,” a seven-song collection on Friday via Big Machine Label Group Records.

The Alabama native helped write each track. “I’ve always enjoyed writing songs, and one of the biggest tools I’ve used over the years to shape my songwriting is playing those songs on the road for fans and gauging their reactions,” said Green. “I’m looking forward to releasing ‘Behind the Bar’ and getting to play those songs on the road this summer.”

The release includes Green’s current single “If It Wasn’t For Trucks.”

The track listing is:

1. Behind The Bar (Riley Green, Erik Dylan, Randy Montana)

2. That’s What I’ve Been Told (Riley Green, Chris Dubois, Bobby Pinson)

3. If It Wasn’t For Trucks (Riley Green, Erik Dylan, Randy Montana)

4. Put ‘Em On Mine (Riley Green, Wyatt McCubbin, Jonathan Singleton)

5. That Was Us (featuring Jessi Alexander) (Riley Green, Jessi Alexander, Thomas Rhett)

6. I Let A Damn Good Woman Leave (Riley Green, Brent Cobb, Adam Hood, Scotch Taylor)

7. That’s My Dixie (Riley Green, Jessi Alexander, Randy Montana)

Named 2020 ACM Awards New Male Artist of the Year, Green joins Dierks Bentley’s Beers On Me tour on Aug. 13 in Salt Lake City.

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