October 2, 2023

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Jeremy Noble nominated for the second time at JMAs

For the second year in a row, Attalla native Jeremey Noble has been nominated for multiple honors at the Josie Music Awards. 

“It’s (kind of) a weird feeling.” said Noble, “You go from having the one nomination and actually winning it to two nominations.” 

The Josie Awards is a two-day event set for Sept. 17-18 at the Country Tonite Theatre in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This is the seventh year of the award ceremony, and the event has reported a “record breaking year of submissions,” with 38,997 submissions to be considered for an award.  

The submissions then were narrowed down by a panel of judges to the final nominations list, which was released last month. 

Noble has been nominated for Southern Rock Vocalist of the Year and is the current reigning winner from last year. He also is nominated for Southern Rock Artist of the Year and two songwriting achievement awards for his songs “Leaving Tennessee” and “Raised Rowdy.” 

Noble said the last song will be released this summer and about his upbringing in Attalla, citing activities like going fishing with his father as one of the main sources of inspiration. 

Jeremy Noble will be releasing his new song “Raised Rowdy,” which talks about his upbringing in Attalla, this summer.

“That was when I really got to learn about Southern rock and country,” Noble explained. “That was when we got to listen to the Allman Brothers and Hank Jr. and stuff like that.” 

He also cited the beginning of his music career as a moment when he was 5 years old and brought up on stage at his first concert to sing with the artist — Hank Williams, Jr. 

“That kinda sparked it as something I wanted to do,” he said.  

Noble said the best way to describe his music would be one word: “grungtry.” He said he tends to go for a “Southern garage band” vibe for his music.