Ministry of Tourism, Wild life and Culture has called on the youth to develop interest in traditional songs as one of promoting Malawi culture

A senior official in the Ministry of Tourism , MacDonald Mwaluwaya made the call in Zomba Malosa when Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Culture launched an initiative that will embrace  traditional songs and dances.

He observed that most young people regard foreign music as the best as compared to local and traditional music.

He therefore said there is need to embrace of traditional songs and dance to attract foreign visitors who should appreciate our cultural and traditional values.


Mwaluwaya further observed that cultural songs and dances in Zomba Malosa have potential to attract visitors.

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Wild life decided to introduce the initiative  in all the 193 constituencies to promote cultural and traditional songs and dances.

“You will agree with me that most of the young people and adults like foreign music at the expense of ours,” Mwaluwaya added.

Member of Parliament for Zomba Malosa, Grace Kwelepeta hailed the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Wildlife for launching the initiative in her area.

Kwelepeta expressed optimistic the young people and adults in Zomba Malosa constituency will learn how to perform traditional and cultural dances.

She therefore requested the people in her area to embrace the dances and songs  and further appealed them to meet and practice the songs and dances instead of indulging drinking beer and other unbecoming behaviours.

Groups that sang well and  performed traditional dances well received cash amounting to K137,500 while those that did not perform well received K20,000 each per group.