On Saturday, lovers of classical music are in for a treat as the Namibian National Symphony Orchestra (NNSO) will be hosting a live orchestral performance in collaboration with the College of the Arts in Windhoek.

The show, taking after the world famous Valletta Baroque Festival in Malta, will take place online at www.nnso.info, free of charge for viewers from 7pm.

According to NNSO’s chairperson Irmgard Rannersmann, the concert gives an opportunity to talented young music students to perform together with a string orchestra as is customary with the Baroque Festival, adding that it was also important for them to adapt to the times.

“The pandemic enforced a year’s pause to any music performances, so as the board, we came to realise that society has to learn to live with the new normal. Musicians like artists, actors or athletes require opportunities to perform and develop their talents and skills. Even if it requires us to make compromises,” she said.

During the 75-minute showcase, which will be led by conductor Alexander Fokkens, expect to see and hear soloists such as Nadja Roxin and Silke Redecker on the flute, Carin Strydom on the cello, Markus Beiler on the violin, Janru Smit on the organ, Amy Afrikaner and Trudy Gertze as singers and Carissa Esslinger, who will be singing and playing the recorder.

There will also be two orchestral pieces by the NNSO.

“We are excited that with the staging of this production, we can contribute towards living with the new normal in post Covid-19 times. At the NNSO musicians are eager to be able to play together again. This year we do not only want to focus on young soloist students but also the two pieces from the string orchestra. We are confident that Namibian music lovers will join the live stream in big numbers”

The NNSO is a classical music ensemble based in Windhoek. It comprises professional musicians and amateurs.

– Anne Hambuda is a poet, writer and social commentator from Windhoek, Namibia. Follow her online @anne_hambuda