Samsung Galaxy SmartTag next to box 31

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Apple AirTags are helpful if you’re an iPhone owner who needs to find lost keys or bags. But what if you’re an Android user or don’t like Apple’s approach to Bluetooth locators? Don’t fret. We’ve rounded up some of the best AirTag alternatives to give you meaningful choices for finding your gear.

The best AirTag alternatives

1. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag Plus

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag on table next to phone 31

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

If you’re looking for one of the most direct AirTag alternatives, it doesn’t get much closer than Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag and SmartTag Plus.

While both are standard Bluetooth item trackers at their heart, they have Apple-like advantages that you won’t get with competitors. Both tap into the Galaxy Find Network — the hordes of relatively recent Samsung phones will help you locate your goods. The Galaxy SmartTag Plus adds to that with ultra-wideband that uses AR to pinpoint the exact location of an item if you’re using a Galaxy S21, Galaxy Z Fold 2, or Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Add a 390-foot range and there’s a real possibility you’ll recover your items even if they’re far from the beaten path.

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Be prepared to pay a premium. The regular Galaxy SmartTag roughly matches the $29 AirTag price, but the more directly comparable SmartTag Plus is available for $39.99. That’s not including the Samsung phone you’ll need. If you’re a Galaxy owner looking for true AirTag alternatives, though, this is a strong choice.

2. Tile Pro

tile pro on backpack

Tile is still the behemoth in the item tracker world, and its offerings don’t get much better than the Pro. It’s one of the better AirTag alternatives if you want a no-compromise, cross-platform device.

The Pro offers a 400-foot range that increases the chances of tracking and recovering your gear. It’s water-resistant, too, and a replaceable battery with a year-long life ensures you can keep using it for the long haul. More importantly, the combination of broad OS support (Android, iOS, and Windows) with Tile’s substantial network should ensure that you get thorough coverage.

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The Tile Pro isn’t for everyone. The $35 price makes it one of the costlier AirTag alternatives, and its size is impractical for slipping into smaller items. You’ll also want a Tile Premium subscription to get the most out of your tracker with features like 30-day location history and smart alerts. Still, it’s worth considering if you refuse to be locked into a phone maker’s ecosystem.

3. Chipolo One and Chipolo One Spot

chipolo one spot

There are many item tracker creators beyond heavyweights like Apple, Samsung, and Tile. Chipolo is one of the few that stands out from the crowd — both for sheer value and for embracing new technology.

The Chipolo One by itself is well-priced at $25, and there are no features hiding behind subscriptions. You’ll get out-of-range alerts for free, for instance. It produces very loud (120dB) sounds to help you find your objects in noisy environments, and it even doubles as a remote shutter for your phone camera. Two-year battery life could help you save money in the long term, and the support for Android and iOS (plus Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri) gives you the freedom to switch phones.

If you’re firmly in the iPhone camp, though, you’ll want to consider the Chipolo One Spot. It’s the first third-party tracker to support Apple’s Find My network, dramatically increasing the chances someone will stumble across your lost items. While it won’t ship until June 2021 and has yet to receive a price, it could be one of the best AirTag alternatives simply by tapping into the same community as Apple’s product.

That’s it for our AirTag alternatives list. Are there other item trackers on your shortlist? Be sure to let others know in the comments below.