Cyt, Cyt. Now there’s a tune for you. After receiving an inquiry from a reader in Florida recently, asking for the origins of this song, I came up empty. I contacted the Chopin Singing Society who pursued the quest in diligence and continue to, however it is becoming evident that this tune, the most beloved in all of Poland, might very well be a mystery as to who wrote it and when it was written.

Reaching out to my colleague Robert Strybel was my next plan. Robert, as you know, lives in Poland and is an excellent source for information that might otherwise be difficult to acquire here in the U.S. We are currently on our fourth or fifth shared e-mail regarding the matter!
After reaching out to several key people, including University scholars all over Poland and the Mazowsze Company, Robert is currently awaiting their findings. We actually came up with some funny one-liners during this whole process, such as titling a feature story for the Am-Pol Eagle along the lines of “The Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why of Polish Folk Songs.”
What is absolutely baffling to me is that apparently nobody ever sought out the history of such tunes. Searching all over the internet basically amounted to scant detail on these traditional songs. A lot of mention, I found, was made about Mazowsze singing them beautifully which was of course nice to read, but isn’t there at least a specific Wikipedia entry devoted to these cherished songs? “Music of Poland” is the sole page you’ll find on Wikipedia, and once on that page only a small section talks about traditional folk music. It’s crazy, and a complete irony.
Perhaps after this ordeal, somebody somewhere will take heed and capture the focus on these traditional songs, giving them the historical significance that they deserve along with pinpointing rightful credit to who wrote them and when they were written. Mazowsze, we love you, but we’d like to go deeper into the roots of the songs.
► Penn State University seems to be a hot item making news lately. A few weeks ago, we discovered that spaceman and Elma, NY native Jim Pawelczyk teaches there, and now we hear that another Pol-Am is in the news, that being Paul Markowski.
Tornadogenesis. Go ahead, take a few seconds to pronounce that word correctly. It is the discipline that Markowski is an expert in. In a nutshell, tornadogenesis is the process by which tornados form. Save for the techno stuff, in kindergarten terms, a tornado forms when warm, humid air inside a thundercloud rises while cool air falls. This can cause spinning air currents which turn vertical and drop down from the cloud, becoming a tornado. Now the next time you hear Dorothy calling for Auntie Em, you’ll know why!
Markowski, a distinguished professor of Meteorology, heads up the Markowski Research Group at the school which produces a very meticulously detailed website about all-things-tornado. You can educate yourself in just a few minutes at: pmarkowski/ Don’t forget to batten down the hatches beforehand…
► “She’ll be comin’ round the mountain when she comes, she’ll be comin…” You’ve heard that delightfully cute song, yes, but will we be singing that tune in the near future? Already within a few months, illegal immigrant crossings into this country have exponentially skyrocketed. In the month of April alone, the number of crossings hit a 21-year high. Is this what we voted for?
Twenty-six states offer illegal immigrants state-funded benefits. New York state, for example, offers up to $300 a month in cash assistance. Eleven states offer free or subsidized medical and hospital care. And then there’s the sanctuary city debacle debate, but why add more fuel to the fire? U.S. officials expect a million additional illegal immigrants this fiscal year, as the Border Patrol is currently apprehending up to 4,000 illegal immigrants per day. Most of them will claim asylum, entitling them to government benefits.
Immigrants have been the bedrock of this country as we know, coming into Ellis Island for example, following protocol, being accounted for, getting medical screening…the whole nine yards. The U.S. upheld its law and they respected it.
Isn’t today’s lawless abandonment of these standards rather disrespectful to our immigrants of olde? More critically, the fact that it apparently doesn’t bother today’s conscience is an even greater tragedy. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that, when political maneuvering supersedes lawful governing, there will be trouble. Again, is this the America we voted for?
Today’s question for contemplation: Are politicians bypassing the legal entry law and catering to illegal aliens in exchange for their vote? The answer speaks for itself.
Perhaps we can take a hint from Zbigniew Brzezinski when he said, “The world became more aware that America, despite being the hope of many who have the personal drive and ambition to become part of the “American Dream,” is beset by serious operational challenges: a massive and growing national debt, widening social inequality, a cornucopian culture that worships materialism, a financial system given to greedy speculation, and a polarized political system.” When will we learn?