Classic interview – Autechre: “There isn’t one thing about the gear that we’re using now that we don’t understand”

Purist electronic sensibilities intact, Autechre have constructed their own world of finely-machined sound and rhythm.

Determinedly independent in their musical vision, Autechre have found a natural home at Warp Records. Sean Booth and Rob Brown produce abstract, pristine music of stark beauty that engages both the mind and the heart.

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Editorial – Don’t believe the hype around plant-based alternatives and Australian chicken

Veggie burgers aren’t new, but it’s only relatively recently that marketing of plant-based alternatives (PBAs) has shifted from targeting vegetarian consumers to targeting environmentally conscious meat eaters.

Firstly, claims are often vague. If a product is compared to “meat” what meat is being referred to? While some manufacturers have directly

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