Atlantic City is best known for its casinos, but it is also a hub for all kinds of entertainment, and manages to attract bigger names than might normally be expected for somewhere of its size.

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To prove its worth to skeptics, here is a rundown of the best shows hosted in Atlantic City in the past few years, taking into account acts from across the metal and alternative music scenes.

Megadeth, House of Blues, 2006

Purveyors of the finest thrash metal, Megadeth graced the House of Blues as part of their Giantour series of shows back in 2006.

Aside from being exceptional headliners, this particular show was significant thanks to the quality of the support. Megadeth were accompanied by Lamb of God, Overkill, Opeth and Arch Enemy, effectively making this a mini festival of pounding rhythms, searing riffs and soaring vocals.

KISS, Boardwalk Hall, 2014

KISS are frequent visitors to Atlantic City, so it’s tricky to pick one particular performance that deserves elevating above the rest. The reason this 2014 show sticks in the memory is that it was part of the band’s 40th Anniversary tour, celebrating their four decades in the spotlight.

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As you’d expect, the set list was packed with classics, kicking off with Psycho Circus and concluding with Rock and Roll All Nite.

KISS are so big that you can come across them when exploring the best slots sites in New Jersey via, as they’ve licensed their likenesses to appear in a popular game offered by a number of operators. So even if you weren’t lucky enough to catch them on their anniversary tour, you can keep connected with the KISS experience on your laptop or smartphone.

Clutch, House of Blues, 2012

Clutch may not be the biggest of the American alt rock behemoths to still be touring and putting out music, but amongst their fans they are revered, and like many of the best acts they really make sense in a live setting even more so than on record.

Their most recent trip to Atlantic City was almost a decade ago, yet it deserves a mention here because of the electric atmosphere that always accompanies their performances.

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Powering through songs that you can feel in the core of your being, Clutch remains a force to be reckoned with, and front man Neil Fallon is always good value as he regales the crowd like some bearded former preacher.

Guns n’ Roses, House of Blues, 2012

While they may have a mixed reputation when it comes to live performances, Guns n’ Roses got to the stage on time when they appeared in Atlantic City, and then blew fans away with a sprawling set that included 25 songs followed by an encore of a further five hits, culminating in a reprise of Paradise City.

The fact that even after all this time, they are happy to play their hits rather than insisting on only playing newer tracks, is a godsend for hardcore fans and casual attendees alike.

Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that it is not common to see a band the size of Guns n’ Roses taking to the stage in a venue that is this compact; with a capacity of just under 2400, the House of Blues is positively intimate compared with the stadiums that they usually play.

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Motley Crue, Borgata Events Centre, 2014

When Motley Crue appeared in Atlantic City over two nights in October 2014, they were on their ‘Final Tour’ tour, claiming that at the end of this stint on the road, they would be retiring from live performances for good.

Of course this turned out to not be the case, with their 2018 reunion and the subsequent plans for a global tour with Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett & the Blackhearts set to roll back this earlier decision. Even so, none of this was on the table at the time of the show, which helped inject energy into the crowd and the band alike; lots of fans thought that they would never see the Crue together on stage again, so they wanted to make the most of it.

Alice Cooper was supporting that night, so there was also another amazing reason to enter this show into the history books of heavy metal spectacles.

Atlantic City will no doubt host many more amazing bands and shows in years to come, so now you know that it truly is a place with pedigree.

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